I’m half-way through my shortlist of agents to submit my books to. This means I’ve had a number of rejections and, as is likely to be the case, confidence is down and I’m wondering whether anyone will ever like my stories. Most have just said it’s not for them. The last one said it didn’t have that certain something for today’s competitive market. All the rejections have been perfectly nice.

I was reading one of the articles on Writers & Artists the other day, about ‘Who do you write for?’  This is a very good question.  It also links with the question ‘Do I want to get my books published?’  which itself is closely aligned to ‘Why do I want to get my books published?’ 

I first started writing the Princelings of the East because I had these wonderful characters that I wanted to tell a story about.  Who was I telling the story to?  I don’t think it mattered, people like me who like adventure stories I supposed.  Did the audience I was writing for matter?  I don’t think it did, I just wanted to write.

So would I have more success if I thought more carefully about who the stories were written for, and in particular about the audience for my synopsis and first three chapters which comprise my submission package to the agents?

Or do I just want to write my stories about my lovable characters Fred & George, who are lovable because I love them, regardless of any literary claims to being charismatic characters?

What is the reason for writing?

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