I’m having a bit of a problem with Victor’s Story again…  the time line isnt quite right for what I wanted to happen… but I’ll sort it out somehow.  I seem to have a bit of difficulty understanding the criminal mind.

On the other hand I have a bit of an outline for a new story …

The premise of Fred’s latest story is that he is taking ‘modernising’ on board at Castle Marsh (prompted by some of the discussion at his Summer School which is now well-established) by appointing a council of representatives to help run the Castle and its area… how the representatives are chosen will be something he is working out in the story. But along come these troublemakers from out of town – oh maybe they are just funded by Vexstein at the back of things – and they cause riot and mayhem.. in other places as well… Fred is vexed and stands down as that is the general ‘will’ of the ‘people’.. but it turns out that of course the people want him back and it all turns out happily in the end. Whether he can reform the troublemaker is a question to be answered..

Writer’s block or not

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