I’ve been trying to put into practice some of the tips and ideas I got from the Writers & Artists workshop in London last Saturday.  Mainly networking things but also working on redoing my ‘pitch’ and my synopses.

As well as registering on Twitter (which I find a bit confusing and I don’t really know what I’m doing yet), I’ve registered for Authors.com as I commented on the post of Sean Noonan on his blog and noticed he was a member of Authors.  Because there was a nice little widget on his blog. And it was easy to get mine.  Except I can’t seem to get it to display on my blog here.   I was hoping it might display properly on a post, but no… still no luck.  It seems to strip out the first part of the html code and just leave the text and not the image.  Ah well, I’m a writer not a web programmer, so if it doesnt work, go back to working on my ‘pitch’.

What do you think of this?

Who’s stealing our energy? Where did that tunnel come from?  Can Hugo be trusted?

One question leads to another as Princelings Fred and George leave the security of their castle on a quest to find answers.  The mysterious businessman Hugo, the impressive Prince of Buckmore, the wise Lady Nimrod and the irrepressible barkeep Victor all play their part in the action, where Trouble follows the Princelings and quick thinking is often called for.

Set in a fantasy world of kings, castles and a sneaky bit of time travel, The Princelings of the East will keep 8-12 year olds on the edge of their seats and adults chuckling at the allusions.

It needs to say what it’s like (who is should be shelved with) and pulled back to 100 words, but it’s quite nice I think.  Work in progress.

Putting it into practice

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