The first book has been uploaded to Amazon Kindle and is awaiting publication.  It’s not been quite as straightforward as the guidelines say, as despite doing everything in the order they said, the finished book won’t do its bookmarks for Contents and Beginning properly.

Also the software they said to download didn’t put the book in the format they wanted, so I went back a step in order to get it all working (at first the pictures werent showing at all, but I’ve got those in now).

I’m sure someone will say I should have waited till I’d sorted out this bookmark thing, but I went through it half a dozen times and I reckon its one of about three things that’s causing it.  But I need to browse through their forum to see if there is a proper answer.  I can reload the book if necessary.

Thank you to Danielle for the lovely cover illustration, and to Dawn for everything and all the support through the gestation period.

I hope nobody thinks my price of £2.10 +VAT is too much for it… I was going to go for £1.89 but decided to up it slightly – to an old-fashioned two guineas!


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