It’s funny how things go round in circles.  I was reading some stuff on the Kindle Publishing community (forum) trying to find out why my bookmarks hadn’t worked in my Kindle book.  One of the things that kept coming up was using Smashwords to format your book.  So I went over and looked at Smashwords.

It’s an independent (indie) online publisher that sends your books to places like the Apple iPad iBookstore, Kobo and others.  There are new titles being published every minute, by people like me, I assume.  So I’ve joined, of course.  The only drawback is that any earnings are subject to US tax or you have to go through what seems like a complex arrangement to reclaim it (but it’s tax, so it’s always going to be complicated as I think they try to make sure you get put off claiming it!), but the up side of that is that they pay me by PayPal.

So I think a second version via Smashwords may be worthwhile.  The children’s section looks really interesting, and they encourage you to sample then buy!

Smashing words

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