Despite it being the hectic run-up to Christmas I have been both reading (other people’s work) and writing, well editing, the second book in the trilogy, generally known as Pirates for short.

I didn’t do much in the way of re-writing, a little more dialogue here, a prologue to get it off the ground quicker… a little less description there.  It’s funny how returning to a book after quite a while gives you a better perspective on it.  When I originally finished the trilogy I thought this was the weakest of the three but now I rather like it.  A bit more ‘action hero’ than the last one, even though my boys do fall into the category of ‘reluctant hero’ at least by their own assessment!

With any luck, the Christmas holidays should see the chapter illustrations and the cover completed and then I can publish it early in the new year.  So all the people that got ebook readers for Christmas will have something else to enjoy on them.

I will probably run a coupon offer on here when I publish it, as a special thanks to the early birds who bought the Princelings of the East on Amazon.  If you get a chance, do post a review on Amazon’s page, please, dear readers.

I have finished three books recently, The Silver Blade, Floodland, and The Three Pigs Detective Agency.  I must get round to reviewing those myself.  Every little helps.

Reading, writing and…

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