In a world not very far in the future, Zoe has been stranded on the island of Norwich. She and her parents were in two boats transferring them to the last ship to enable them to escape, but hers failed to reach it.  Zoe finds herself to be more resourceful than she ever imagined, and despite much adversity in this shrinking world, she finds a way of escape, only to land up in an even worse situation, the Isle of Ely, or should it just be the cathedral?

It’s a cracking good tale with interesting and believable characters, especially understanding that children in adversity have resources to call on that their parents might not imagine.  A tale that children with an independent streak will surely appreciate!

I have a minor gripe that Marcus Sedgwick perpetuates the myth that Norfolk is entirely flat, as with the flood levels in the novel Zoe would have to row a substantial way north before she reaches the open water as described, given that Ely is still above water, but as Ely is not actually named, I’m being pedantic.  It’s still an enjoyable read with a sound reminder that if there is no fair governence system, unfair systems will arise, as in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.  That is but a sideline to Zoe’s tale, though, as hers is one of determination, intelligence and fortitude overcoming all obstacles to reach one’s goal.

Book review: Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick
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