I know it’s only five days since The Princelings and  the Pirates was published on Amazon KDP Select, but I have already started editing the third book, The Princelings and the Lost City.  I am aiming to publish it on Amazon just after Pirates comes out of its exclusivity period, i.e. the beginning of May.

I hope I’ve learned a lot about editing since I started.  Reading Aimee Salter’s editing guide has been a great help, even if I don’t want to agree with some of it.  The trouble is, when I try some of the things I don’t agree with, it looks or reads better.   Or I think of a rewrite that would improve it even more!

Already in the first chapter I have come across a continuity problem.   It’s to do with the rules governing the Lines of Succession in Castles.  In Pirates I spent a long time working out  how Fred could be  Ludo’s heir but Uncle Vlad could be King Cole’s heir before Fred.  I like my solution.  But one of the understories in Lost City is about females in the line of succession.  I can make another rule, but if so I think I’d better write these down, otherwise a few more problems  will arise (Fortune’s line, for example).  Well,  I always thought this blog would be useful for ‘back story’ work!

Now editing…Lost City

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