I came across a very interesting site which is promoting the A to Z blogging challenge in April.  The idea is to post a blog on the letter A on the 1st April, B on the 2nd and so on through the month, missing out the other Sundays, so you end with Z on 30th April.  I thought it sounded fun, then I thought it would be good to give more background information about the Princelings world.

At first I was thinking about back-stories of the characters, but then I thought it was an opportunity to talk more about how the Princelings world operated.  I have said it’s a detailed world in some blurb somewhere, but the more I think of it, the more I think it isn’t.  I haven’t clearly got in my mind how some of it works. Not how it should be anyway.  For example, it’s a low-tech world but where does the metal come from?  and what about the glass for the bottles and glasses?  In the fourth book Hugo sets up a credit line with some gold, but why doesnt anyone else ever pay for anything (I do know the detail of that)?  In the third book Lupin says about either the strawberry juice power plant or the flying machine “It’ll change everything” but what does it change and how?  It was also interesting that I thought Kira should not say “he’s on another planet” about someone because I wasn’t sure whether she’d know about planets.  The libraries in the castles have a great deal of information in them, but Fred and George were ignorant of a lot of this until they left Marsh, so what do they have in their own library?  How much of Fred’s work in Natural Philosophy is just re-inventing the wheel?  Poor Fred!  And how did George get so good at engineering?

These are some of the questions that I thought I might address in the A to Z challenge.  I think the biggest challenge might be doing them from A to Z though as some letters are over-subscribed with topics, and some I’m going to have to be creative about titles to fill.   I also need to map it all out in advance so that I don’t contradict myself later on…

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Princelings World from A to Z

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