On the Princelings of the East Amazon.com page there’s a  panel of recommendations (customers who viewed this item also viewed) including Pirates at $2.99 from Amazon and “196 used and new from $2.99”.  I don’t see the pricing information as I’m a UK customer.

This seems to me to be related to those 420 downloads of the free Kindle Select offer on 20th February.   If this is the case I want to tackle Amazon about it.  How can people download it free then resell it? (and do I get my cut?)

But having got one of my friends in the US to follow the links through for me, I wonder whether it’s just a marketing thing.  The other two books listed alongside it are also shown as “196 used and new from [list price]”.  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Is it just an Amazon way of promoting it as a limited offer?  I must do some searching on author and kindle forums.  I could end up looking silly.

Who’s Pirating my Pirates?
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