I got this book as the first in the series when I got the third in the series during the Read an E-Book Week.  Proof that these promotions work for some people!

Flash Gold is a short book, but a full story that introduces Kali, her inventions and her world in vivid and glorious technicolour!  Kali is set on competing in a sled competition with her new steam powered sled, much to the derision of the locals, and not a little jealousy and fear from those that suspect she’s a witch.  A mysterious, but handsome, stranger turns up to suggest she hires him ‘for security’ during the sled race.  The price?  10% of her winnings.  Suspicious, Kali thinks.  And of course she’s right.  Nevertheless he proves his usefulness,  with an antiquated sword as well as the latest in rifles,  as Kali is beset by assailants over and over again.   The hidden prize?  Flash Gold, her late father’s invention, rapidly become the Holy Grail to unscrupulous and murderous entrepreneurs who see it as the solution to… what?  I suspect they don’t actually know, and maybe Kali only suspects the half of it.  From  the sample of the third book I read online, I think we have plenty of the story to unfold yet!

It’s well written, vividly conjuring up the Yukon icefields and the characters sparsely populating them.  Action scenes are smartly described, with diabolically imaginative inventions. The adventure looks set to continue.  Looking forward to it!

Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker

Book Review: Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker
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