This is not a children’s book but would be fine for older children and teens.

Dr Chris Connery, Director of the Division of Fine Arts at Midstate University, is no stranger to police investigations.  But when her Ceramics teacher comes to her in distress, having found the remains of a body in the firing kiln, she realises that a murder case is about to turn her life upside down.  I read the sample, enjoyed the easy style of an author who clearly knows her subject, and continued reading avidly.  This tale leapfrogged others waiting on my kindle to be read, and was only interrupted by dire necessities.

The characters are well formed and enjoyable.  I thought we were going to have an irritating interfering mother but she turned out to be a realistic and likeable supporting character.  I thought we were going to have a case of mistaken identity but the truth was harder to unravel.  Suspicions planted led this whodunnit reader to make most of the right conclusions, but not spot on, which is always nice!

I will look out the first of Nora Barker’s tales to catch up with the mostly offstage romantic interest in this one, and look forward to more tales in what I hope will be a fruitful series.  Most enjoyable!

Nora Barker: Red Hot and Dead

Book Review: Red Hot and Dead by Nora Barker
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