The Princelings series has its own official website now at

The website is more static than this blog, and is designed to focus on the books and stories, whereas this blog is more about writing, discussions, but of course still has plenty of information on the books and how they are developing.  It’s more about the authoring side.

What I think you’ll like most are the teasers, in which I’m currently showing four items that are unpublished.  One is a chapter from the next book, the others are opening chapters of future works, and may be edited and changed, or even dropped entirely!

There will also be a page devoted to each book; Princelings of the East is currently complete, with a different introduction from all the other places and a nifty button for sampling thanks to the wonderful people at  If you are a Smashwords author with a blogsite, you really want to see their buttons and linkies! There’s also a button for checking all of the places you can buy the books.

I’m really excited by this new project, and hope you’ll drop by and ‘follow’ me!

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