Well, I’m going to do the interviews, but I need you to let me know who you’d like to see interviewed and what questions you’d like to ask.

This feature will run over the summer months so will feature about eight interviews: Fred, George, Victor and Hugo-Mariusz will obviously be four of them.  I hope to have published the third book with Amazon by July, so it will assume that they know everything that has happened up to the end of that book, but not anything that happened between then and the epilogue of the first book (which is in the future, even for me!).

You can add your question in a comment below, and you can add any number of questions and comments.  I’ll be asking all the characters the same questions, but I might ask some individual questions where appropriate.

Just for starters, I’ll certainly be asking them about likes and dislikes, and probably who they most admire and why.  Over to you!

Interview your favourite character

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