The third book in the trilogy, the Princelings and the Lost City, should be published for kindle readers on Amazon by mid-July.  Just need to finish the chapter illustrations, get the cover, do the final edit and away we go.

Then what?

Waiting in the wings is book 4 (although I see the fashion for prequels is to call them book 0.1 in the series!) which is Hugo’s story of how he came to discover the Princelings world in the first place.  But I’ve been thinking about putting the trilogy into a single volume print-on-demand book, only available as a real live holdable paperback.    It would cost more than the three ebooks, but less than three single paperbacks.  I haven’t done the full pricing yet, but it looks possible.

What do you think?  Would that work for you?

Then again, I really ought to finish Victor’s story, and settle down to some new writing of the stories that go in the timeline for the Princelings world.  Some of those might be shorter stories that end up in a collection such as “The Chronicles of Marsh” or maybe “The Princelings Chronicles”.  I think it depends on how many there are!  Then the other story I’ve done some bits of before realising my time line was wrong… that needs sorting out.  Actually, it’s important to write that one even if it doesnt get published for a while as that brings the whole saga of the Princelings to a conclusion.

I also have another writing project I want to get finished in the next 2 years too!

Better get on with it…

Lost City … what next?
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