It’s a testament to good story telling that even though the whole story led up to the prologue, I still didn’t see it coming!  Nashoga is the leader (alpha wolf) of his pack but there is trouble on the loose and he has many trials and tribulations to overcome until he succeeds in getting rid of it.  That is a trite summary, but it is a gorgeous book, with wonderful mental pictures painted of the countryside he inhabits, the creatures he interacts with, and the friendships and alliances made with the unlikeliest of ‘people’.  Vivid tales of fighting and hardship and living in the backwoods engage avid readers.

I saw one review which said there is nothing like it, which I think is untrue.  Jack London’s Call of the Wild and White Fang are classics probably still in print, but Joseph E Chipperfield’s children’s stories, especially Great Heart, are of this specific genre and, frankly, I love them!  I still have Great Heart, and Dark Fury, and the paperbacks are probably fifty years old now.  I’d also recommend Elyne Mitchell’s The Silver Brumby series from the same era. We can add Nashoga to these classics.

Any young person who loves animals will love these stories of wolves in their own element.  I highly recommend Nashoga: Book 1 of the Redstone Series and eagerly await book 2!

Nashoga: Book 1 of the Redstone Series by Rebecca Weinstein

Book Review: Nashoga by Rebecca Weinstein
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