This is a quick read, and I think most of it would make great bedtime reading.  Sean Noonan spills a superb description of the most wondrous fireworks you could imagine.  These take up nearly half the book and would be great for imaginative kids to go to sleep on.

I did find the book a bit confusing, though.  It started out like a space opera, with a dying planet and one person being despatched to find another world they could colonise.  The style of this was very different from the rest of the book and I found it hard to adjust.  The next part seemed to be explaining who some people were and I didn’t really get who was an earth person and who was from the dying planet.  It got more into a fairytale and it started to feel more familiar, but by then I’d lost track of who was who.  Suddenly we were with the wizard Grumphspawn and his magical firework display and it all rattled along from there.  I thought the way it tied up in this story looking forward to the next was great.

So I think it is a good story for middle grade children, and I’m sure they’ll enjoy the fireworks.  I’m not sure what they’d make of the style of the opening though as it seems much more grown up and might put off potential readers.

The Curse of the Grimlees – Sean N Noonan

Book Review: The Curse of the Grimlees by Sean N Noonan
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