I’m pleased to say that the theme for this winter’s blog series has been set.  A number of prominent characters have agreed to write a short piece on how their castle celebrates Solstice.

As those of you who have read the A-Z of Princelings know, Solstice is the start of ten or so days of holidaying in the Realms. Ten days after the Winter Solstice is Green Willow Day and the day after is New Years Day, when the holiday ends.  The whole period is generally called Yuletide, partly due to the huge Yule Log that is brought in (sometimes from quite distant parts) to burn in a public place throughout the holiday, so that everyone has access to some warmth and a source of hot water and cooking if they need it.

Most castles have different customs, although many are common, like the involvement of the Narrator. We’ll look forward to some interesting blogs over the winter season.

As with the character interviews, I’ll post them each Thursday.   Queen Kira of Marsh, Willoughby, Narrator-in-Residence at Buckmore , Lord Pogo of Vexstein, Princeling Dylan of Haunn, and Humphrey of White Horse have all agreed to do them.  Just a thought; these pieces may contain content from books later than the Trilogy, particularly from The Way West.  And yes, Haunn is a new Castle.  It’s where the Princelings of the North come from!

And there is a rumour that the official website might have a short story appearing in time for Christmas.  Sign up for email alerts on either site by clicking the ‘Follow’ button!

Winter blog series
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