This is not a children’s book – it’s a crime novel, and the crimes are pretty violent. The first in the Barry/McCall series, it introduces us to Dave McCall, police investigator with a problem, and Chris Barry, Executive Vice President of a computer security firm who has a brilliant mind and a sense of moral justice.  Barry offers his firm’s services when the police are baffled by the cyber aspects of a series of murders by someone who styles himself Vigilante, and a new crime fighting partnership is formed.

I like the pace of this story.  Sometimes thrillers these days are too ‘all action’ for me.  This allows glimpses into private lives, enabling the reader to get a more rounded view of the protagonists.  It also does a nice job of offering you a range of suspects.  For readers who like the psychological side of crime fighting, it is very engaging indeed. It kept me guessing, and discarding my own theories as new data was presented, which is what I think all good crime novels should do.

This is a very good crime novel.  I saw reviews which criticised certain aspects of it.  In my view these criticisms must have been addressed by the author as, in the edition I read, there were no traces of those aspects.  It is a well constructed, well written, tense, convoluted and satisfyingly completed story.

It’s no wonder Claude Bouchard has thousands of followers. Now I’m one of them.  When can I start book 2 in the series?

Vigilante by Claude Bouchard

Book Review: Vigilante by Claude Bouchard
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