I gather there is a new genre called Hen Lit, for women over 45 or so who like intelligent, funny, clean – but possibly saucy or with mild romance – well told tales.  The Crone Club exemplifies the genre.  A bunch of schoolgirls meet up aged 60 or so for a reunion that brings out all the old friendships, emnities, teasing, bullying, and joking that went on in their schooldays in the 60s.  I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I couldn’t put it down!

I recognise these women.  I don’t think the author was in my class, but I know people like them.  Mainly the good ones, I would add, although more recently I’ve met the bullying pedant who thinks you couldn’t possibly accuse of her being anything less than perfect.  The teenagers are great, the villains villainous.  The banter, the bickering and the arguments are beautifully written, totally believable and the characterisation full of human frailties and senses of inedequacy and superiority and hope.

The story rattles along with plenty of twists and turns.  I would read this book again any time I need a boost, or my dreams are flagging, or I feel the need to revitalise the challenges in my life.  Read it if you are young and you think your grannie needs to get a life.  Or if you are older and you want to rediscover the real you. Or if you are any age and want a good laugh.

The Crone Club by S V Peddle

Book Review: The Crone Club by S V Peddle
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