The long-awaited Traveler in Black and White is now out on Amazon for your Kindle and Kindle Apps!  This fourth book in the Princelings series sees Lord Mariusz of Hattan narrate, in his own Chandler-esque style, how he came to explore the world on the end of the time tunnel, and why he adopted the pseudonym Hugo in the first place.

In the Princelings world of 2001 we meet old friends as their much younger selves.  You think Victor is cute?  You should see him eight years younger – “a bundle of flying legs and hair”!  Prince Lupin is much as he ever is, but Baden has yet to escape the succession wars at Castle Powell.  Saku is, of course, well established as Lord Mariusz’s ingenious professor at Castle Hattan, but we find he knows more about the workings of time than we imagined.  The Honourable Smallweed is only getting started on the trail of deceit and meanness that will characterise all his future dealings.  And we journey to new places, Sowerby, Powell, and a strange city full of females, hidden in a forest. We also discover that stories of ghouls, ghosts, vampires and werewolves are not just tales to frighten children after all.

The Traveler in Black and White (Princelings no 4) by Jemima Pett /

The Traveler in Black and White – out now!

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