Today, Tuesday 4th December, for one day only, you can get The Traveler in Black and White FREE for your Kindle or Kindle App.

This is an earlybird special for Princelings fans, and I hope some of you will feel moved to write a review in time for the Christmas Kindle explosion!  This is the ONLY free day before Christmas.

The Traveler in Black and White takes us to a contemporary Castle Hattan, and to the discovery of the time tunnel that appears one day in the wall of the sky courtyard.  It doesn’t take Lord Mariusz long to decide it must be checked out, and having tested it with a trusted employee, he sets out to explore the world he finds on the other end.

The fourth in the series of Princelings books, it is of course a prequel, and shows us how Hugo came to be in the Princelings world, inadvertedly causing the Great Energy Drain in the first place.


Early bird Free Traveler

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