The Traveler in Black and White (Princelings, #4)The Traveler in Black and White by Jemima Pett

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My fourth book, and of course I think it’s even better than the first three!

This book followed hard on the heels of the Trilogy as I realised that having made my dear Hugo (my third guinea pig, adopted with his friend Victor in 2008) the baddie in the first book, he couldn’t be a character in any later ones. So he had to have his own story, and choosing to get him to tell it himself was a no-brainer, really, since he wouldn’t let anyone else do it! He was a cheeky, bossy chap who owned the house the day he came through my door – in a snowstorm as I remember it.

I placed him across the Great Sea in the books because he was a double for Mariusz – a real Noo Yawk guinea pig – in looks and personality. So Mariusz became Lord Mariusz of Hattan, and Hugo was his name down my side of the time tunnel.

Sadly both guinea pigs passed on in 2011, but the stories live on, and there is already call for another one starring them/him. I’m thinking about it!

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