This is a crime novel suitable for mid teens upwards.  There’s no sex and no graphic violence but I can’t imagine younger teens would enjoy it (except for the raccoons).

Gina Cresse’s  Sinfandel is a murder mystery thriller set in the Californian winegrowing region, with a lover of horses, dogs, cats, but not raccoons, up to her eyes in grapes, debt and databases.  Oh, and there’s an attractive man as well as various nutcases all trying to get to know her better!

There are plenty of twists and turns in this enjoyable romp through the vineyards, and plenty of danger as well as misdirection.  It’s well written, with believable and engaging characters.  I love the idea of the heroine uncovering a sophisticated fraud whilst trying to debug some databases. It was nice to get some inside information on the trials and tribulations of wine growers, enough to put any dream of retiring to a little vineyard right out of my mind! It’s a story that appeals to the person that enjoys details as well as a fast paced puzzle in a lovely setting.

Highly enjoyable and highly recommended.

Sinfandel by Gina Cresse

Book Review: Sinfandel by Gina Cresse
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