A2Z-2013-BADGE-001_[Small]Last year I signed up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I took the background to my stories as my theme, and it was extremely useful.  Some things about my world I managed to clarify in my own head, some things I worked up into a more coherent concept, and some things got invented and found their way into the books. It was also very enjoyable visiting the blogs of other people in the BlogHop, seeing how they had tackled the more difficult letters, and making friends along the way.  You can see some of them in the list of blogs in my sidebar headed Z to A Backlinks.

The hosts are already planning the next Challenge, and the sign-up list will open at the end of this month. I considered more background to the Princelings world, then thought of picking a word and doing a character post about it.  If I decide to bring the official website into the Challenge I might do that there, but now I’m thinking of giving you some short stories and ‘flash fiction’.  Some of these may be exercises I did for my creative writing course last year, or inspired by it, some may be things that have fallen out of other stories, or bits I’ve written that may not make it into future ones.  Other things may be entirely new.  Not all of it will be about the Princelings world.  Some of it may be more Young Adult and older than children’s fiction.

Does that sound interesting?  It’ll mean a new piece every day in April except Sundays. It’ll be far more varied.  It’ll need a lot of writing, and also a lot of co-ordinating to continue with the Kid Lit Blog Hop and the Pre-1960s Classic Children’s Book Reading Challenge, but I’m sure I’ll cope!

The April #atozchallenge
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