Lionel2 I hate books where there’s a weedy sort of person being picked on my bullies.  I always get so nervous for them when they dream of getting their own back, and I feel so bad for them when the bully gets them yet again.  Consequently there were many times when I cringed for poor Lionel when the bully Tad ‘got’ him once again, and, even worse, when Lionel got his own back only to be seen to have done the wrong thing in doing so.  In this, his second Grand Adventure, Lionel goes to Summer Camp, which brought back fond memories of my time as a camp counsellor in a lovely place in Wisconsin, with a lake, woods and everything.  Lionel’s camp sounded a lot like that.  I have no idea whether any of the kids at my camp had a little help from magic that didn’t always work as expected, but most of them had a good time.  As does Lionel, once he realises he just has to be himself!

I’m sure that Lionel is very popular among kids his own age, as well as MG authors like me.  It’s well written and good fun.  Looking forward to reading the next one!  Somehow I managed to read the secnd one first… but it doesn’t really matter.

Lionel’s Grand Adventure #2 (Lionel Turns the Other Cheek) by Paul R Hewlett

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Book Review: Lionel Turns the Other Cheek by Paul R Hewlett

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