As if it wasn’t enough to be doing the Kid Lit Blog Hop, the A to Z April Blog Challenge, the pre-1960s Children’s Classic Reading Challege, and the Goodreads Reading Challenge (not hard), I’ve signed up for another one.

The 2013 YA & MG Time Travel Reading Challenge!

This involves reading a number of… time travel books aimed at young adults and middle grade readers.  Hmm, how hard can that be?  I mean, some of them may be classics, and some of them will be great for the Blog Hop, they all fit in the Goodreads challenge, and I have no idea whether any of them will fit in my A to Z challenge.  There are various levels, starting at three books to read, in the whole year, and I think I can do that.  Besides, there is a certain time tunnel in my stories that I would love other time travel enthusiasts to explore.

Check out Oops I read a Book Again and Fragments of Life who are the co-hosts of this very interesting challenge!

Time travel books on my list of things to read include Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, SW Lothian’s The Golden Scarab, and H G Wells’ The Time Machine (also a classic).  I hope some people might pick up The Princelings of the East or the Traveler in Black and White which I’ve added to the Goodreads List of YA & MG Time Travel Books. It’ll be fun exploring other books on that list, too.  In fact, I have far too much reading to do to sit here blogging about it.

A Time Travel Challenge

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