Have I made any progress since the last update at 7 weeks?  Not much!

I’ve got more stories written, including a completely new one starring Professor Saku, telling how he came to invent the grav-sleds that are used by Hugo to move the Wozna stock about (in the Traveler in Black and White).  I’ve been wondering how Hugo came to have such advanced technology at that time ever since I wrote his story in 2010!

K, Q and Y are still not sorted, although I sort of wrote a story on the way home from a trip to London that might fit Q or Y. It is an alternative timeline story – what might have happened to this woman if she’d chosen differently when she was 22.

The book reviews are… not finished!  I’ve read one of the five scheduled.  I still need to read a time travel and a classic one for the March Challenges, let alone the April ones.

Apart from all that, I am getting Traveler ready to publish on Smashwords and then on iPad, Kobo, and Nook.  It should be live by the end of this week!

By the way you can now get to this blog using jemimapett.com.  You’ll still be able to get to it with the ‘wordpress’ in the name.  It’s just more professional looking.

Five weeks to go till the A to Z Challenge

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