As we reach the end of March (Happy Easter!), I need to give a quick update on the progress of the various Challenges I’m doing.

For the YA & MG Time Travel Challenge I read HG Wells’ The Time Machine which I thoroughly enjoyed.

For the Children’s Pre-1960 Classic Reading Challenge I read… The Time Machine.  Ok, it’s not what I would call a children’s book, more of a Tween book – 10-14 or so.  I reckon we’d have read it at school at around 12 or 13.  The start is a bit hard, I thought, but maybe kids (especially with an interest in science) would be ok with it.  Otherwise skip the description of the fourth dimension and get on with the adventure part!

I’m ahead on my Goodreads Reading Challenge and upped the number of books I’m aiming to read during the month, from 30 to 50.  I’ve now read 14, but that includes 4 for reviews next month.

Tomorrow I’ll be launching the Princelings AtoZ Giveaway – a competition to win one of ten prizes.  And you can now get the Traveler in Black and White HALF PRICE on Smashwords with coupon code NY74H, valid till the end of April.

March Challenge update

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