Some flash fiction done for my writing class. Guess which three phrases were the ones that had to be included – answer at the end!

“These white truffles are delicious,” Keira said, popping another one into her impeccably outlined mouth.

Jeremy looked at her.  Nothing she said excited him any more.  Her long, lustrous hair had once excited his passion, now it simply caught in his gold cufflinks.  He wondered why he stayed with her.

“I’ve never really cared for them,” the frumpy wife of his business partner responded.

Jeremy had no idea why he’d thought they should come on this cruise together.  It was about as exciting as a burial at sea.  He hadn’t succeeded in buying out his partner yet, either.

If only he could get rid of them all.  He cast his mind back to the time he’d bought into the circus. Keira was the knife thrower’s assistant.  She’d set her cap at him on their second meeting; on their third she had stayed the night and never left.  Maybe he could get his partner to run off with her? No, perhaps not, he thought, as his gaze focused on the frumpy wife across the table.

That night, there was a second soft splash just after the cruise ship’s anchor had run out and secured them to their anchorage in the bay.  Next morning, the frumpy wife watched her husband depart in a taxi for some private sight-seeing with Keira.  After a little shopping she toured the archaeological site above the harbour, which had uncovered a temple to the god Dionysius and a Minoan statue.  As she was helped back on board, she dutifully informed the ship’s purser the errant couple had returned with the crowd just in front of her and watched as he ticked their names off. It had been simple to change her husband’s watch so that he’d be two hours late back.

As the ship set off once more, she threw a bunch of local wildflowers into the sea in their wake.  Rites of passage should be marked in some way, she thought, and sauntered off to the business lounge to check her shares portfolio.


I’m sure you got ‘burial at sea’.  The others were ‘knife thrower’s assistant’ and ‘white truffles’.

Burial at Sea
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