Lord Mariusz is the Traveler in Black and White – he was also the villain of The Princelings of the East.  We were set this exercise in our creative writing class just as I was publishing Traveler, so his story was uppermost in my mind.  When asked to write a piece with the ending “sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand” I wondered what it would be like to have an alternative ending.  This is it.

We held a sunset ceremony for Willow, which was sad but good in that weird kinda way.  I went back into my apartment and sat, looking at nothing, thinking of what we’d been through.  It seemed like fate had dealt Willow a bum hand. Lord Smallweed probably thought he held all the cards but I reckoned he was just a dirty sneak with ideas above his station, however powerful Vexstein was.  Prince Lupin of Buckmore puzzled me. He was mixed up with Smallweed yet he seemed a cut above them. We’d played it straight, but I guessed he didn’t trust me. Hardly surprising.  I’d wanted to play it cool, but maybe that wasn’t his type of game. Now I needed some sort of ace up my sleeve, but I was afraid it was only a deuce.  Whatever we’d started was going to carry on, with or without me and Willow.

But I had nothing left to play.  Pfft!  Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.

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Cool Hand Mariusz

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