No book review today, since I’m at camp and haven’t prepared anything, although I have got one ready for next Saturday.  I realised, though, that I haven’t recorded my progress against my challenge targets for the last two months.  So here goes.

YA & MG Time Travel Challenge

May: The Golden Scarab

June: The Fallen Pharaoh

Both these books are by S W Lothian.  I must read the Cursed Nile, which is the second in the series!

Children’s Pre 1960 Classic Book Challenge

May: White Fang although I wouldn’t class that as a children’s book now.

June: The Hobbit

I also did a post on Old Books I found in my bookshelf, in case you missed it!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’m more or less on target to read 50 books this year.  There’s a progress bar at the side and I was one behind schedule at the end of June, although I’ll probably be three behind by the end of this month.  I expect I’ll catch up ok!


How are you people doing?  Got any recommendations for me?

Reading Challenge Update

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