It was Renee who sparked the idea for this post – “busy time of year for lots of folks,” she said.  I thought yes, since I was trying to make myself take a week’s holiday, secure in the knowledge that all my blog posts were scheduled to the end of August.

(c) Guinea Pig Games
(c) Guinea Pig Games

The start of September always makes me think of getting things done for the last half of the year.  I think it’s to do with going back to school.  For the first few years after I finished my first degree I did jobs that lasted a year, so this pattern continued till I was 25.  Then I had long-term jobs where the school year didn’t matter, but the season of school holidays still produced its pattern.  Then I went back to college for a second degree and then another year’s contract, and then it went back to ‘normal’ again.

So this habit of September being the start of a new ‘something’ is still ingrained in my soul.  There are only four months left of 2013, and eight months are gone, yet it seems like two equal halves, somehow, I must pack a lot into these last four months.  No wonder I resent Christmas ‘starting’ so early when I have so much to do before then!

I’m ahead of the game, though.  The Talent Seekers is now out on all eReaders at Smashwords, and should be in Barnes & Noble, on the iBookstore and lots of other good online retailers as well by now.  I am launching a second edition of the Princelings of the East for eReaders, addressing some of the improvements that have been suggested.  I think if you’ve already got it, you can download the new version by synching your Kindle reader on Amazon, or just downloading the new one from Smashwords.  The main changes are to make Fred’s and George’s conversations with people about the time tunnel more explicit.  It should make for better reading and help the time tunnel become clearer – or at least the uncertainties about it!

The most exciting thing this autumn is my Blog Tour!  Thanks to Renee again, who has been doing all the hard work, I’ll be touring round something like 20 blogs from 23rd September to 6th October.  There’ll be a full update on 23rd, with a list of blog stops.  It would be great if you could visit them too.

And that’s all I’m doing this side of Christmas.  Promoting my books.  Oh, yes, well, I might start editing Victor’s new story, and I have a biography to complete, and there’s all the writing for the blog, so I think I’ve got enough to keep me out of mischief.

I hope you get time to relax after the busy time passes!

Don’t forget to join in the Best of Summer Giveaway Hop #kidlitGH running till 6th September.

A busy time of year
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