As you may know, I don’t do horror.  I find it too scary.  Keeps me awake at night revisiting it. There was a short story in a collection of Amazing Stories* once, called “You’ll wonder where the yellow went…” which was the first half of a slogan for a brand of toothpaste.  I still remember the story and it still gives me the creeps, 40 years on!

So when Chuck Wendig asked us to do a three sentence horror story for this week’s flash fiction, my first reaction was a straight “No!”

Then I thought of my worst nightmares….

The garden at dusk

She finished planting the lettuce, ruby chard and radicchio seedlings, and spread a nice thick slug bait barrier around them.  Pleased with her afternoon’s work, she turned, checked the rat trap, and caught her foot, falling headlong onto the rain-parched grass.

As dusk fell and the dew collected, she lay, body paralysed, watching the slugs avoid the bait and head instead towards her nice, warm, moist orifices.

*days later, I think this was in a Harlan Ellison collection called “I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream”.  But it’s association rather than memory.

Friday Flash Fiction: Three sentence horror
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