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I’m pleased to be part of the Blog Tour for S. Smith’s Heirloom – the third book in the Seed Savers series.   I was very enthusiastic about the first book, saying “everyone should read this book”.  You can read the whole of my review of Seed Savers: Treasure here.

Book One, Treasure:

In a future where processed food is king and gardening is illegal, three friends secretly study about seeds and growing food. Afraid of being caught by GRIM, siblings Clare and Dante run away one night leaving behind their friend Lily and mentor, Ana. At Amazon here.

Book Two, Lily:

After Clare and Dante leave, Lily sets out to discover why. Along the way she makes new friends and struggles inwardly when a family secret is revealed. Lily must decide what to do and whom she can trust. At Amazon here.


Book Three – Heirloom

heirloom front finalIn a futuristic U.S.A. where gardening is illegal, siblings Clare and Dante have escaped to Canada and are living with a host family, enjoying farm life and learning to grow their own food. Attending Garden Guardian class, they meet other refugees and unearth the  history of how they lost their choices about food.

Their friend Lily, who was left behind when they escaped, searches for a father she grew up believing was dead, but whom she recently discovered is alive. To succeed in her quest, Lily must elude GRIM, look for the secret Seed Savers symbols, and find the friends who can help in the search.

Look for Seed Savers: Heirloom on Amazon from November 12th.

+++ In paperback at Amazon +++ for Kindle from Amazon +++

About the Author

smith 5x7 authorS. Smith grew up on a farm with a tremendously large garden. She maintains that if you can’t taste the soil on a carrot, it’s not fresh enough. Although she now lives with her husband and three cats in the city, she still manages to grow fruits and vegetables in their backyard garden.

A licensed ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, Ms. Smith has enjoyed teaching students from around the world.

Ms. Smith is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and an OSU Master Gardener. She gardens and writes at her home in the beautiful and green Pacific Northwest.

I took time out to ask her a couple of questions

Why SeedSavers?  Why was this future world important to you?

The story behind Seed Savers comes from my viewing the documentary Food, Inc. There was a part, oh maybe ⅔ of the way through, where this guy was being sued by Monsanto and losing his livelihood…which was his business as a seed cleaner. A seed cleaner? What kind of a job is that? The show went on to say how many fewer seed cleaners were in business today than in the past. Sort of on its way to extinction like VHS tapes or something. Then I started thinking that here was an occupation ending that I never even knew existed. One thought led to another and the great big What If. What if a day came when people no longer even knew about seeds?

What do you grow in your garden?  Any best and worst experiences to tell people about?

Well let me think … Corn, beans, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, peas, onions, radishes, kale, chard, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes. Rhubarb, blueberries, boysenberries, pears, strawberries, raspberries. Oregano, chives, rosemary, thyme, mint, cilantro, parsley, basil, sage, catnip. Sunflowers. Sometimes I try other things like garlic, soybeans or broccoli.

Once I tried peanuts (unsuccessful) and ginger (successful until I forgot to bring it in in winter). It sounds like a lot, but really it’s not because I live in town and only garden around my lawn. Just a tiny bit of everything. Most of the canning I do is by getting extra from my mom and sister who have bigger gardens.

Oh, I think the worst experiences are the green worms in the broccoli. I think everyone has a story like that. It’s one of the reasons I don’t bother as much growing broccoli. Also because it takes up a lot of space. Best case? Hmm, fresh homemade salsa and bruschetta are the best!

I know all about green worms, or caterpillars, I’d call them.  I’ve overcome my squeamishness and just pick them off and squish them, I’m afraid!  I’m going to have to ask you for your salsa recipe though… maybe later!

How many more books do you think will be in the series?

I’m planning on five. But I suppose it could take longer… 🙂

I know what you mean!  Thanks, Sandy and best of luck with Heirloom.  I’m looking forward to reading it – and catching up with Lily!

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Seed Savers Book Haiku and Blog Tour Interview
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