December is a time for reviewing what went on in the year, so this month I’m going to do just that.

I’m starting with a round up of my YA & MG Time Travel books read, since I have been very bad at linking back to the original challenge site.  I think I only committed to doing three, certainly no more than five, so I think I achieved that.

My list of titles (linked to my reviews) is:

Of course, there are only five authors in that list of eight titles.  I enjoyed all the books, some more than others, and I have more to read as sequels to Wendy Leighton-Porter’s The Shadows From The Past series, and also the sequels to Wrinkle in Time.

I think Wrinkle in Time was the most intriguing of them all, with the strangest, or most ‘alternative’ societies found, although maybe it’s a stretch to call it time travel, since it was more about space travel in a single point of time.  The Time Machine was the most visionary in terms of what earth might become.  I think I should re-read October the First is Too Late (by Fred Hoyle) as a counterpoint to these, since it also deals with the future of the earth, and I more or less stole those developments (although it is public science) to make the scenario for my flash fiction piece The Last Ice-cream.  Maybe I will, next year.

I am thoroughly enjoying both the Quest series and the Shadows series.  Wendy has four more for me to read already, wheras Steve is working on a further adventure plus a spin-off. I didn’t work at all hard to achieve this challenge, since these books rather sought me out, as did the Time Travel Storm, which I won in a giveaway.  That is for younger readers – an early chapter book – which is a complete contrast with the ones that also fitted in the Classic challenge, which demand a higher level of reading and probably of comprehension, although as kids can cope with Doctor Who’s recent adventures, I don’t see any problem with them coping with H G Wells.

I enjoyed these books, all of them.  On the whole I’d rather read about travel to the future than the past, but I enjoy them all.  I ought to continue this challenge, even if it’s only for my own enjoyment.  Seeking out some traditionally-published books that I haven’t read or even heard of would be good for me, too.

My favourite?  A hard call… for enjoyment, the Cursed Nile, for future potential, Wrinkle in Time.


My best time travel reads this year

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