Yes, I know.  It’s the new year’s resolutions again, isn’t it?  Well, not quite.  Not even my marketing plan, which I have started, but not finished.  I’ll update you on that later in the month – including how I did against my targets for 2013.

First, I have moved.  This blog is now ad-free and runs WordPress on an independent host.  I’m quite pleased with myself for having achieved this.  As usual, I learnt a lot in the process.  When people ask author-publishers what’s involved, remind them that learning the fundamentals of doing a website is part of it!  I’d like to thank the support guys at Akismet for tipping me off on multi-user  I didn’t know in time for the Princelings website, but I know now.  If you ever want to run two or more websites on one hosting package, that’s what you need to know.  I’m boring you, aren’t I?

The problem of moving is that all that work to gain followers last year will be lost if I can’t get them to follow me here.  So a lot of information-spreading is needed.  Please tell your friends and sign up to follow me again!

This means that for at least the first part of the year I’ll be doing a lot of blog tours and blog hops to raise awareness again.  Other than that I’ll be carrying on as normal, the haiku, the flash fiction, the book reviews, the April A to Z Challenge… and the writing.

I wonder if I’ll get through a post without telling you the next Princelings book, Bravo Victor, will be out in the spring?  It’s currently with my editor.  It takes the story of the Princelings of the East forward and sets up some essential conditions for the fulfilment of the epilogue of book 1.  I think it would be a fun story if you didn’t know who these characters were and what they’d been doing, but it will be better if you have read at least one of the Trilogy plus Traveler.  It’s a series, after all.  I’m wondering if any of you who have read (most of) the series would be interested in an advance review copy (ARC).  Let me know if you are, and which books you’ve already read.

I’m also working on the production of a non-fiction book, which I’ll tell you more about later.  It features Imperial Airways flying boats.  If you ever wondered why Prince Engineer George is into flying, and why flying is so old-fashioned in the books, this might give you the answer!

The current Work-in-Progress is a science fiction novel featuring Big Pete and the Swede, stars of the Orichalcum Library and its successors in the Flash Fiction Fridays.  They hang out in the planetary system surrounding Viridium, so I’m labelling it Viridian System stories (assuming there might be more than one). I’ve got a long way to go with it yet, although some sleepless nights while I was coughing fit to break a rib after Christmas gave me ample time to thread storylines in my head.  There’s treachery, loss and blackmail, as well as invention, discovery and a bit of hell-raising from these guys.

Is there a Princelings book to be written this year?  Probably not, unless the saga of Dylan and Dougall turns out to be Princelings 7.  As far as the timeline goes, with Bravo Victor being 2015, and the epilogue of the first book being 2021, I have a long gap to fill, and I don’t know whether I want to. Maybe I’ll aim for Dylan and Dougall filling in a space in 2017 or 18 and leave it at that.  Since I started writing Victor’s story in 2009, it won’t be long before I should start on Dylan & Dougall’s!

Then there are Flash Fiction Fridays.  Who knows where that will take me this year?

I told you about my book challenges and reading list on Saturday, so if you want to know what’s coming up look there, or check my Goodreads reading list in the widget lower down on the right.

Have a good 2014 and I look forward to sharing some exciting adventures with you during the year!

What’s in store for 2014
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