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This weeks’ question:

What is your favorite electronic device to use to add posts and content to your blog?

Example: Your phone, your computer, your iPad, or another device?

I’m really interested to see what others say in response to this question – and you, of course.

At one time I embraced new technology. I was the first person in my company to have a desk top computer in the 1980s.  It had a box which housed a program disk and a data disk, and you could go and get a coffee while it saved a letter.  A small cupboard provided sound-proofing for its daisy-wheel printer.  Apart from me (in Personnel), only finance people had computer access, their terminals  all linked to the mainframe in its air-conditioned room. Then in the 1990s I really got into  new pcs and forums – and then Windows arrived.

Five computers later (excluding the Sinclair ZX) I’m fed up with continually having to upgrade, especially my software, and even worse, to some stuff that doesn’t follow the basic rules of Human Computer Interaction (HCI, which I studied in the 90s) – especially in backwards and forwards compatibility.

The Social Network GGPW
Even a guinea pig can use my system

These days I hang on to the tried and tested as long as possible.  So I’m on a notebook (possibly 8 years old) running Windows XP, which is no longer supported.  That’s good news – I don’t get dozens of file updates every week to clutter up my memory and interfere with redundant code.  It also seems that hackers can’t be bothered with it either.

Given that I spend my days typing, I can’t imagine what it must be like to use one of these touch-screen tablets to do anything serious.  I do have a mobile phone with SMS, but I refuse all offers of upgrades, although since my home phones started insisting on spending their entire days ringing each other up, I disconnected them.  I’m still working on replacements – I noticed an interesting home smartphone, which I’m still considering.  Could I update my blogs from that?  Probably.

So, what do you use?  How do you find it works for you?  Got any advice for me?

Now see what others said:

On electronic devices – book blogger hop
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4 thoughts on “On electronic devices – book blogger hop

  • 18 August, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Though I found I can answer emails on the new (cheap) tablet I still prefer to do my blog at the end of the day on my desktop computer. Maybe it’s just force of habit now and I’d probably be able to do everything on the tablet if I had to. The touch screen is fairly easy.Not so the smart phone which because the keys are so close together makes that harder. Playing around with apps on the phone is a no-no for me too as I find the screen too small but the tablet is ideal- and fun.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  • 18 August, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    Thanks, David. Always good to find how others do things 🙂

  • 22 August, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I do a lot of email and such (and web surfing, and solitaire) on an iPad, but I often use an external keyboard. When I get down to serious writing and, especially, serious editing, I love my wide-screen iMac. I need a better desk chair.

    Oh, and as everyone noticed when I was posting from Peru, blogging from the iPad doesn’t seem to work for me at all.

    I’m a little slow with this — school started up again and I got behind, but I’m digging out from under. Still editing photos, though, which after a while starts to make editing novels look like easy work,

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