Heirloom is the third in the Seed Savers series, following on from Treasure and Lily, and, as I began to anticipate, there is a fourth in the offing, due out very soon!

In a world where all food production from growth to the stores is controlled by a corporation, growing real vegetables and cooking it yourself is forbidden, outlawed, and underground.  In Heirloom we discover more about the background to the freedom fighters, and learn secrets about their leaders that have Lily in a spin.  She sets off on her own trek across the country, just as Clare and Dante did in Treasure.  Unlike them, she does not find a safe family to live with  and a school to learn all about agriculture.  Her journey leads to unnerving encounters and the discovery of a secret hidden high in the forested hills in the north.

I thought this book even better than its predecessors, and can merely echo my previous comments when I say everyone should read this if they want a future with free communication and self-determination.  Of course, many people may want to be spoonfed, but I doubt they will if they are reading my blog!

The one thing I think should be changed is the blurb on the Goodreads site.  I thought I’d got the wrong book from the short version – and it isn’t a blurb to attract readers!  Otherwise – another 5 stars for Ms Smith!

Seed Savers – Heirloom, by S Smith

I think I got a complimentary copy from the author after I’d already bought earlier book(s) in the series.

I’m linking this up to Bruce Gargoyle’s Small Fry Reading Safari in the category ‘furniture’!  The only other books I’ve read with furniture in the title are adult ones.  I’m struggling for entries in the ‘specific time’ and ‘something unsightly’ sections as well.   Do nip over to Bruce’s website and see if you can link up any recommendations in his challenge!


Book Review | Heirloom by S Smith
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