Today I’m launching a new READING CHALLENGE for 2015.  It’s open to young readers and adults alike, although I trust my adult readers will restrain themselves from adding totally unsuitable books for children in their posts (although I will be asking you to give the genre and any age warnings).

The challenge is this:

to read x number of books set in your home area in 2015

How to join the Local Heroes Challenge:

  • Sign up with your target (can be changed)
    • If you blog, add the Local Heroes badge to your blog sidebar
  • Read a book set in your home area
    • If you blog, talk about it in a post and add the Local Heroes badge
  • come back  on the last Wednesday of the month
  • add your book to the Challenge blog post for the month
  • I’ve set the list up as a blog hop, so you can visit other participants and see what they’re reading too.

If you haven’t read a qualifying book that month, don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.  If you read six books in November that qualify, add them all in November or December!

How do you win the Challenge?

If you set yourself a target of THREE books in the year, and achieve that – you will get a BRONZE Badge at the end of the year to display on your blog or any other online space you like.

If you set yourself a target of SIX books in the year, and achieve that – you will get a SILVER Badge at the end of the year to display on your blog ….

and, if you set yourself a target of TEN books in the year, and achieve that – you will get a GOLD Badge at the end of the year.

I thought ten was stretching enough, since it could be quite hard to find enough books that qualify, depending on where you live.

What qualifies as local?

Good question.  If you live in a big city, then that city sounds right to me.  If you are way out in the middle of nowhere, then maybe your state, or even your country, your mountain range, river valley… anything that you feel is the right ‘size’ for you to call it ‘local’.

I’ll be reading books set in my county, Norfolk, a task I set myself last year and I think I got to three. I know of at least three more I either identified or got into my kindle last year, so I’m going to set myself a target of six to start with.  If I find it easier than I thought, I could up it to ten later.

I’ll be repeating this sign up post on the last Wednesday of December (31st) to get in the habit, but you can sign up now and start spreading the word with a post of your own, if you like.  I’d really like to see a good number of sign-ups, and I need your help to spread the word!

Local heroes badge

GRAB The Badge (hover over badge, right-click and Save Image As…)

SIGN UP on the Linky – add your name and GOAL (3,6,10) in brackets

SPREAD the word – you can copy the linky list code too…


Come back every last Wednesday of the month and talk about them!


Local Heroes Reading Challenge 2015

7 thoughts on “Local Heroes Reading Challenge 2015

  • 3 December, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I didn’t see where to put in my target. I think that for me to do the SF area would be way too easy. I will shoot for books set in or about my town of Daly City, and I’ll shoot for 6. I know there are at least 4 local history books, but I will try to find some fiction (of course, if I’d set any of my own books here, it would be easier, but I would also end up in so much trouble!). If I have to I will expand, not to SF, but to Pacifica, where my boys go to school.

    Very exciting to be in at the beginning of this! And now I have something else to post about. With all the stuff going on this month, I’m ending up with more than 3 posts a week!

    • 3 December, 2014 at 3:40 pm

      Oops. If I’d read the instructions I’d have see to just add the number after my name. My bad. Guess today it will take 2 cups of coffee to get me functioning semi-intelligently.

      • 3 December, 2014 at 6:18 pm

        That’s ok. With any luck someone who misses the instructions will see your comment before they do the same 🙂

  • 2 January, 2015 at 1:39 am

    Can this apply like to a state? Cause not much happens in Dog Walk or Crab Orchard. (Those are the two nearest towns to my family.)

    • 2 January, 2015 at 9:56 pm

      Yes, absolutely. I’m doing my county, which fortunately gets a lot written about it, as I found out once I started looking. You can do your nearest group of states, too.

    • 2 January, 2015 at 10:00 pm

      Kentucky generally? Your wider area? You never know till you look!

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