It’s that time of year again.  You may be preparing for your Independence Day celebrations, but I’m off to camp for July.  Camp NaNoWriMo, of course…

Last year I wrote the first draft of The Perihelix – which didn’t have a name when I started it, it was just “the first book in the Viridian System series starring Big Pete and The Swede”.  Now it has a name (and a website), and I’ve been writing more stories about the boys (and girls) and they probably belong to book 2.  So it’s time to work on getting the first draft up to publishing standard.  And that’s my target for camp this year – get it to final version.  Although it’s also tempting to get back to work on Book 7 of the Princelings series – or even onto book 2 of the Viridian series.

All in good time.  If I finish early, I can start another project!

I have lots of book reviews to post, but may not post much else in the month.  I’ll send postcards for Fridays, probably.

Here’s the ‘project information’ I’ve set up for camp.

Big Pete and the Swede are rich, or so they discover after bringing their latest haul of orichalcum in from the asteroid belt. So some well-deserved vacation awaits them. It starts out just fine, with Pete (or is it the Swede?) winning the big flyer-race of the season, but they start to receive odd messages, and despite the attentions from the girls, both of them realise that someone is trying to drag them back to their pasts, pasts they have tried hard to erase.
They set out to discover who’s bugging them, but get kidnapped by some particularly nasty aliens, which leaves the girls in a mess – stranded on the spaceship with very little idea how to fly it.
This is a multi-layered plot, with plenty of twists, and possibly at present some plot holes as well. I’ll be sorting those out during Camp Nano this summer.

Off to summer camp again!
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