The third book in the Emperor’s Edge series opens with a kidnapping.  Well, it actually opens with Maldynado trying to set Amaranthe up with a man, while they are viewing the arena for the annual Games,  but that’s just Maldynado for you.  A competitor sees them and asks if they can help find her sister, who’s missing…  in retracing her last known movements, Aramanthe suspects magic – and magic (or mental sciences) are banned.

The number of kidnapped competitors grows, and with Sicarius uncharacteristically late, Amaranthe’s suspicions switch from a simple case of abducting good competitors, to something more sinister – a belief confirmed by the, let’s say “acquisition”, of a list from some miners who are definitely not behaving in ways decent miners should.

It’s another cracking tale from Lindsay Buroker, and for fans of the Emperor’s Edge series it provides a deeply satisfying continuation to the saga.  The pace never lets up, the intricate machines are, frankly, more than marvellous – where does she get the ideas from, I want to steal them!  The vivid descriptions of the dustcart (wouldn’t my refuse collectors love to play with that!) as it becomes a killing, maiming and demolition machine; the kraken in the bay; the Clanking Machine so reminiscent of a steam-powered Wipeout course – but more deadly…  and I’m not giving anything away about the dastardly plot deeply submerged under the veneer of commerce, magic and threats to the Emperor.

More twists than a maze, plenty of tunnels, sewers, hidden rooms and hiding places, fire, water, earth and blood.  It even ends with a kiss.  Not saying who does what to whom, though 😉

I’m off to get the fourth in the series, Conspiracy!

Deadly Games (Emperor’s Edge 3) by Lindsay Buroker

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Book Review | Deadly Games (Emperor’s Edge 3) by Lindsay Buroker
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