Yesterday was Insecure Writers’ Support Group Day, which I clean forgot.  I apologise to all writers, insecure or otherwise, for being so out of synch with myself after finishing the final (well, beta) draft of The Perihelix, that I couldn’t remember what my blog schedule was.

The Perihelix is a science fiction novel, of course,and I have reminded myself that finishing the book is one thing, getting people to read it is quite another.  So when the StoryBundle Newsletter arrived in my email I was delighted to see it headlined “Women in Science Fiction.”

What is StoryBundle, you may ask (if you haven’t discovered it already).  Someone puts together a bundle of ebooks, sets a minimum price for the core group, adds a bonus group that you get if you decide you want to pay for it, and they send it round to their mailing list.  If you fancy some of the books, you can pay the minimum price for it (e.g. $5), or more… you choose.  If you like the look of more of them, or if you really want one or two of the bonus titles, you pay to ‘unlock’ the bonus books.  As a guide, the complete bundle of Women In Science Fiction books was 10 books for $15.  I paid $20, since £2 a book is what I felt it was worth.  Then I pay for them, they email the link to me (or direct to my kindle)  and I get to read them at leisure.

There are some amazing books in this bundle, and some of them I’ve already got on my ‘to read’ list – Crossfire by Nancy Cress, Near+Far by Cat Rambo and Forgotten Suns by Judith Tarr.

In the preamble to the bundle, the curator said she’d put this group together after talking to scifi fans who had no idea of the wealth of women scifi writers out there – it may be dominated by men, but it’s far from a barren landscape.  After all, the genre was practically invented by Mary Shelley!

So, if you haven’t visited Storybundle yet, do – they have four bundles available as I write this, from graphic novels to literary fantasy (which tempted me, too).  The most difficult problem you’ll have is finding time to read them all.

You won’t regret it!

PS They do $15 gift cards too – looks ideal for a Giveaway Hop prize that promotes indie Authors!

Have you found StoryBundle yet?
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