The BookElves Anthology Volume 2 will launch on November 12th – but pre-orders are now open for early birds wishing to catch the worm! The second BookElves Anthology, features stories by Cheryl Carpinello, Rebecca Douglass, Wendy Leighton-Porter, SW Lothian, Annaliese Matheron, Jemima Pett and Ben Zackheim.

Guess the Line

Below you will find the seven opening lines to the seven stories by these talented authors.  Match up the line to the author, leave your guess in the comments, and one lucky person will receive an advance copy of the ebook!  Winner drawn in two weeks – entries close at 0.00 a.m. (Pacific Time) Monday 9th November.

  1. The Beverly Hills College of Gifted Inventors Xmas Reunion Spectacular was an event that Melvin Finklestein had been looking forward to for months.
  2. ‘How do you both fancy a few days’ holiday by the sea?’ asked Uncle Richard with a smile.
  3. Halitor the Hero stared into his fire, shivered, and heaved a sigh that came from the very soles of his boots.
  4. Everyone knew not to go into The Dark Wood that bordered the Kingdom of Werifesteria.
  5. The two horses—one small, one massive—munched on tufts of green within reach of their bridled heads, resting while their riders scoured the nearby bushes.
  6. Dougall staggered to a halt in the middle of the grassy lane.
  7. I’m torn.

Pre-order the ebook

You can find the ebook for Kindle at Amazon:

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also pre-order at

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at iTunes for iPad

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or at Smashwords (no pre-order) for all eReaders.

Coming soon in paperback also – links to follow

You can also enter a Goodreads Giveaway to win one of two copies of the paperback edition.


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BookElves Anthology Volume 2 by Jemima Pett

BookElves Anthology Volume 2

by Jemima Pett

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BookElves Anthology Volume 2 – Pre-order and Guess the line!
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