Apart from my Fi50 offering on Wednesday, this is my last post before Christmas, so you’ll find a set of stories on my book sites to keep you going:

Christmas in the Delta Quadrant – Easy Come, Easy Go  on the Viridian System website

No room at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness on the Princelings website – with a seasonal giveaway, too

and an article

Christmas in Nairobi 1936 on the White Water Landings website

Here at Pett Towers I spend a quiet Christmas with my brother and the guinea pigs.  They all get gifts; somehow Father Christmas knows exactly what is best for the animals.  I expect the reindeer tell him.

As for my brother – well, he gets something from his Amazon wishlist 🙂

I hope you have a very happy holiday, whatever you celebrate, and let’s hope we can add in a bit of peace, understanding and tolerance of our various beliefs and cultures.

Yuletide Greetings

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