I was hoping to use one of the other titles Chuck Wendig gave us the other week, but he’s come out with ‘fiction in the social media world’.  I’m wondering about a story in tweets, but I can barely get it past 250 words.  Well, short and tweet.

Sir Woebegone tweets

@sir_woebegone believe saw you at #oldqueen party. How’s the rust?

@lordcrotchless R U addressing me?

@sir_woebegone Course I am you stupid beggar.  Don’t go all high&mighty with me #toomuchdrink #roundtable

@lordcrotchless you have no manners; please desist from contacting me in this manner

@sir_woebegone @mighty_roar I thought you two should meet up again #oldfriends. Nothing like a spot of gold-counting to warm your hearts

@lordcrotchless @sir_woebegone he’s no friend of mine. At least he gave my #swordofdestiny back

@lordcrotchless @mighty_roar I do not know what you are talking about. Leave me alone #privacy

@sir_woebegone @mighty_roar Don’t go all coy now wellknown the sword was yours. Bet dragon took it – lucky left you with measly life #wart

@lordcrotchless Begone, sir.  Have no truck with dragon.  Warning #swordofdestiny no light matter

@sir_woebegone Thought sword was merely time travel device.  Have you found other uses?

@lordcrotchless What mean you #swordofdestiny? Explain #painofdeath

@sir_woebegone Hah! #swordofdestiny my foot. Bet you went travelling to escape dragon wrath

@lordcrotchless Do not jest sir.  Nihil tittilendam draco dormens and all that

@lordcrotchless RT What mean you #swordofdestiny? Explain #painofdeath REPLY

@mighty_roar Just teasing the rustbucket. No need for heavy breathing

@lordcrotchless HEAVY BREATHING wait till I #flame you!

@mighty_roar I know nothing of its uses save time travel.  Hope this finds you well. #amreading

@sir_woebegone believe you will find crotchless account closed shortly #toast #amsleeping

© J M Pett 2016

Friday Flash Fiction | Sir Woebegone tweets
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5 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction | Sir Woebegone tweets

  • 5 February, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Okay, Twitter just confuses me 🙂 I admit I punted on this one: linked to an old story told in to-do notes, and posted some photos for tomorrow.

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