Hi, and welcome to my first stop on the A to Z Road trip this year.  I’m aiming to post every second Wednesday of the month, or sometime near to the 15th of the month, whatever makes it easiest for me.

This is an ongoing trip of my own making, supported by those wonderful A to Z people, of course.  I’m just travelling round some more of the wonderful A to Z posts from April, starting at number 200, enjoying the scenery, and maybe learning something useful along the way.  You can join up with the Road trip here, or just go around the A to Z 2016 participant list on your own, with or without the road trip format.

If you want to wander back through my A to Z posts – just click the category A to Z on the menu on the left (below my book).

So what are the highlights of the trip so far?

No. 202 – It’s a Snap.  Some really lovely photos to accompany the word of the day.  My favourite word, xenolith; a cat with an umbrella… wallabies.  Congratulations, Kath!

No 203 Elizabeth Otten at Liz’s Random Ponderings.  I often drop in on Liz without leaving a trace.  She chose Classical Music for her A to Z theme, which gives ample scope fo using foreign names for the more difficult letters – I noticed she had to do Unfinished Symphonies for U, though 🙂

204 is Gail Baugniet, who I usually try to follow throughout the A to Z because, she’s a very inventive writer.  This year she tagged all her posts

“For this year’s challenge, my theme is The Fun in Writing. Each of my 26 posts for April is aimed at
illustrating fun parts of an author’s day. A writer doesn’t only write.
Creating a story or an essay requires research, revision, editing, and lots and lots of coffee and chocolate”

Especially chocolate, I know, Gail!

No 208, Jen Chandler was Here, blogging through the alphabet of plants.  This was a pretty neat way of doing short posts with a lovely illustration every day.

209 Orange Marmalade Press (Sabina Ayne)  and 210 Patricia Lynne, I visited during April anyway, since I follow them by email.  Sabine is still updating us with the progress of her amazing collage letters.  And Patricia is still writing fab things.  🙂

I’m going to have to work out how  to get through more than this many each month, though!

If you are near the end of the AtoZ sign-up list and really want me to visit you before March, then leave a comment and I’ll definitely get to you!


A to Z Roadtrip 2016 – June
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2 thoughts on “A to Z Roadtrip 2016 – June

  • 16 June, 2016 at 7:46 am

    Hi Jemima – the A-Z certainly introduces us to some wonderful bloggers who are full of creative ideas … I’m glad you’re highlighting some of them – by not doing the A-Z this year I missed out … but I enjoy being a watcher … cheers Hilary

  • 16 June, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    I need to check out those blogs! And start doing a little road-tripping myself. Sigh. So little time, so much internet–and all those books to read and write…

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