free books at smashwordsI have free books for you at Smashwords all through July. I also have some at half price. So if you want to catch up on the Princelings series, or you missed out on the giveaway for my father’s memoirs, now is a good time to buy. Click the titles to go direct to that page.  The code is up at the ‘Buy’ button.  Scroll down the Smashwords page to see ‘other books by this author’.

Free Books

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75% off

I made this 75% off ($1.25) as it was going like hotcakes free, and some people got this plus books 2 & 3 separately, so it must be confusing.

Half-price Books

If you’re really keen, you can also pre-order The Princelings of the North (POTE 8) at the special launch price, but it’s not due out until 2018!

The Princelings of the North is the eighth in The Princelings of the East series. Princelings Dylan and Dougall live in the far northwest of an island off the northwest coast of the Realms.  They rescue an exiled prince, and battle against the odds to restore him to his birthright.

Irrepressible Dylan and steady Dougall are inseparable denizens of the tiny castle of Haunn, so far away from the rest of civilisation that it’s almost off the map. And maps are one of the key elements of this intricate adventure. Dylan finds a treasure map inside a bottle washed up on the shore – and he reckons he knows where X is. Instead of treasure, he finds the exiled Prince Kevin of Castle Deeping, antagonist in the Talent Seekers, bit-player in Bravo Victor, and mystery prince in Willoughby the Narrator. Kevin has had time to realise what a fool he’s been, and now wants vengeance and his castle back, which is just the sort of adventurous challenge that Dylan craves.

Free books at Smashwords through July

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