Wild June is a theme I decided to pick up and run with for some freshness for the blog. The April A to Z Challenge brought some food for thought for me, as discussed in the May Reflections post, and I’m making some changes in my blogging. Last year I wished I’d had time to take part in the UK Wildlife Trusts’ #30DaysWild challenge. This year I worked out how to do it.

Do Something Wild#30DaysWild

If you head to the Wildlife Trusts Action site here, you can sign up to participate. They’ll send you a pack of goodies, inspirations, and goodness knows what. They may still do it even though June has started. It’s never too late to go wild, as long as you do before it’s too late for you.

The UK Wildlife Trusts are an interesting organisation, if one can say it’s ‘an’ organisation. Mostly the Trusts are county based, and members are very focused on their own patch. That suits me fine. The downside is not all the WT’s recognise membership of another county, which is a shame. I’m a member of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, as you would expect. That gives me a newsletter each month, along with the magazine produced by the National organisation about ten times a year.

Thirty Days Wild is the opportunity for people to make a Wild June, where they do something wild every day. Places to go, things to see, make photos, make craft project, do activities like pond dipping… Anything, really. And of course, tell your friends and encourage them to have a wild June if they don’t already go wild.

My Wild June

I do a lot of wild things. I’m also extremely busy in June. So I’m not going to do something every day unless I blog it in advance. Yes, I’m going to blog my way through June, sometimes with just a photo. But my key thing is, these are things I’ve actually done, or am doing. The photos may not be brilliant, but they will be mine.

I’ve planned it all of course…

  • Eight special visits to wild places, some as part of a group event or course
  • Six actions, most of which I’ll do at home or in my village
  • Three projects, which between them will account for 6 six posts
  • Four wild writing actions
  • Five photoblog posts

I’ll start you off with a photo of the slowworms my neighbour found in our compost heap a couple of years back.


Slowworms are amphibians, legless lizards. They often nest in compost heaps as the heat helps the eggs develop. You can tell they are not snakes by their eyes (and their faces in general).  They are beautiful and smooth like one of those gold chains where the links are really close together.

This is part of my #30DaysWild challenge.  You can join in!

© The photos in my #30DaysChallenge may not be very good, but they’re mine!  Please use the Creative Commons guidance if you want to use them on your blog.

Wild June – starting with legless lizards #30DaysWild
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4 thoughts on “Wild June – starting with legless lizards #30DaysWild

  • 1 June, 2018 at 7:08 am

    It must be over 50 years since I last saw a slow worm. Though they aren’t snakes I think it was they that made me more at ease with their counterpart.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  • 2 June, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    Great plan! I do get outdoors every day, anyway. But July will be our month to go wild–and probably for my blog to skip some posts 🙂 Hard to be blogging while you are out enjoying the wider world.

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