Norfolk Hawker is, as it might sound from the name, something found in Norfolk.  It’s a dragonfly only found in Norfolk, and found increasingly rarely along certain types of dykes and streams.

As with the Swallowtail butterfly, I thought I really ought to see it before I left Norfolk (or it left first).

Just so you know what you are looking for in my photos of Strumpshaw’s dykes in its watermeadows, here’s one of the banners for #30DaysWild from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Norfolk Hawker banner NWT

Strumpshaw Fen part 2

Having seen the Swallowtail, I was at liberty to continue round the rest of Strumpshaw RSPB reserve looking at other butterflies, dragonflies and wild flowers. There was plenty to see.  The picture labels tell the story. You’ll need help with the Norfolk Hawker though, since hawker dragonflies generally keep on the move, and he was no exception.  So it may have been a fleeting glance (slightly less fleeting than the swallowtail), but I did see a Norfolk Hawker.

Norfolk Hawker

My best picture of a Norfolk Hawker doesn’t exactly give you a good view.  But it wasn’t easy to find in that sideways picture of the dyke above!

norfolk hawker

All pictures are mine except the NWT banner, picture credit is on the side of that.

This is part of my #30DaysWild challenge.  You can still join in—maybe do 20 days wild or something like that…

Did you see my interview with Don Massenzio at the weekend?  Check it out here!

Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly #30DaysWild
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